Quiet Please:  We’ve been busy filling barrels with our beautiful Agricole spirit; they’re currently resting so let’s not disturb them! 

Our patient and methodical approach will result in an outstanding example of Australian Rhum Agricole; one that highlights the terroir of our northern New South Wales region.

Early sampling has us jumping out of our boots excited!  Patience though, as the first release will not be until late 2020 at the earliest.

For now, you can register your interest in our Rhum Agricole and stay abreast of all developments at the distillery by signing up for the Winding Road newsletter.

We hand-craft our Rhum Agricole from start to finish; beginning with pure Northern Rivers first-press sugar cane juice, we ferment and twice distil it in our custom 1,250 litre copper pot still before allowing the new-make spirit to mature in a selection of oak barrels. When the time is right, we will bottle the finished rum just for you.


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