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Our hand-crafted Coastal Cane Pure Single Rum is a true reflection of the Northern Rivers region, with a unique profile that showcases the influence of our local coastal climate and soil.  It all begins with fresh first-press juice from sugar cane grown in the rich soil of the Wollumbin Caldera.  It is fermented, rested, and then twice distilled in our traditional 1,250 litre copper pot still.

The new-make cane spirit is then aged in a curated selection of oak barrels; influenced during maturation by the warm summers and temperate winters of our coastal sub-tropical region.   The result is an unmistakeable Agricole-style rum that is smooth in character, full of body, and rich in flavour.

Check the batch description and tasting notes below!

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Coastal Cane Release 1:

This exciting release is the result of (no surprise!) our first production run at Winding Road Distilling Co.

Barrel No.:          AR01
Style:                    ‘Agricole’, using fresh first-press Northern Rivers sugar cane juice
Cask Profile:       200 litre new American oak barrel, Char level 3
Maturation:        31 months
Bottle stats:        700ml; Approximately 340 bottles
ABV:                     46%

Coastal Cane Release 2: Coming Soon

Tasting Notes:

Complex with vanilla/crème brulee and the characteristic ‘hogo’ funk of an Agricole combining in a manner that makes you want to take that first sip…

A full texture and mouthfeel that coats and melts in the mouth with an ongoing
complexity of flavour.  Notes of fresh cane betray its origins amongst hints of vanilla and honeysuckle.  Natural sweetness is balanced beautifully against the subtle influence of salt and sea from the distillery’s location near the coast. Each sip endures and transforms with a lingering finish, calling you back for more…


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