Hinterland Single Malt Whiskey Release 4

If you are a fan of super-premium single malt whiskies, you’re going to love what we’ve been up to here at Winding Road.  Our unique, flavourful and full-bodied expression has been receiving rave reviews!

We hand-craft our single malt from start to finish.  Beginning with a carefully selected and unique mash bill of seven different malted barley varieties, we mill the grain then mash in hot water to extract the fermentable sugars.  From there, the ‘wort’ undergoes a deliberate and patient ferment after which it is twice distilled in our custom 1,250 litre copper pot still.  The ‘hearts’ of each batch are then matured in a curated selection of oak barrels.  Only when the time is right and they are ready will we bottle them for you to enjoy.

We are truly excited to share this special expression with you!

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Our unique and very flavourful single malt spirit, with rich notes of toffee and chocolate on the palate followed by a long finish, has received rave reviews from those who have sampled it.

Hinterland Single Malt Whiskey Release 4

Tasting Notes – Release 4:

Beautifully structured with exceptional richness.  Initial notes of red fruits, citrus and oak evolve into caramel, toffee and vanilla.

Sweet with candied orange and cherry balanced with toffee and a slight hint of chocolate.  This whiskey keeps evolving in the glass, with the Tawny influence of rich fruits and moreish dessert-style wine coming through.  The finish provides a long continuity of flavour that begs for the next sip…

Style: Single-malt, hand-crafted with a mash bill comprising seven varieties of NSW-grown malted barley and fermented with a Belgian ale yeast.
Cask Profile: Marriage of one ex-Tawny barrique and three 100-litre ex-Tawny/Rum casks.
Maturation: Between 3 years, 10 months and 4 years, 11 months
Bottle stats: 700ml, approximately 575 bottles and 200ml, approximately 160 bottles
ABV: 46%

Hinterland Single Malt Whiskey Release 3

Tasting Notes – Release 3:

Rich, bold and fruity on the nose, inviting that first sip…

Smooth and balanced notes of malt, chocolate and dried fruits.  The finish, as with our previous releases, goes on and on…

Style: Single Malt, hand-crafted with a mash bill comprising seven varieties of NSW-grown malted barley and fermented with a Belgian Ale yeast.
Cask Profile: 100 litre Ex-Tasmanian Pinot Noir, re-coopered and charred to our specifications.
Maturation: 3 years, 3 months
Bottle stats: 700ml, 127 bottles
ABV: 47%


Tasting Notes – Release 2:

Maple, honey, and dried fruit;

Smooth, rich, and viscous with a full body.  Initial hints of sultana give way to a complex malty profile with a whisper of chocolate on the finish.  It’s a distinct and warming expression that piques your senses and entices you to take that next sip…

Barrel No: MW02
Style: Crafted with a mash-bill comprising seven different varieties of malted barley and using a Belgian Ale yeast.
Cask Profile: 225 litre ‘barrique’, recoopered ex-Apera
Maturation: Matured for just under 3.5 years
Bottle stats: 700ml; Approximately 200 bottles
ABV: 55 bottles at a cask-strength of 60.4% and 150 bottles at 50.5%

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50.5%, 60.4%


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